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Bumble: Full Dating Disclosure

Updated: Jan 14, 2022

A Case Study with Creative X Entertainment covering the behind-the-scenes making of Bumble's Series " Full Dating Disclosure" Season 2.

The Mission

The brand-content strategy team at Bumble needed help revamping a 3-episode series that hit initial success in its first season on Instagram and YouTube. They approached Creative X Entertainment to help revamp the second season featuring Mona Chalabi, a famous influencer + data journalist.

Full Dating Disclosure Season 2 explores tricky topics that can be hard to navigate. When and how to have difficult conversations, and what it means to find honesty and empathy in modern romantic relationships.

We worked closely with Bumble production staff from development to execution. We ensured through experience and capability, that this series was filmed with zero obstacles in the way, earning Bumble's in-house creative team a sense of focus on what was most important, the evolving narrative amongst young lovers.

With the height of the global pandemic at our back, our production team stood strong and proved to turn a critical moment into a success for both our learning process and our client's story.

The Approach

CXE was in charge of everything, from soup to nuts! To top off the difficulty of production during a global pandemic, they also had logistical issues with talent.

It's unlike the Creative X team to bow down in the face of a challenge! Since Mona, London-based, could not travel to the USA (Covid-19 protocol) and the cast selected was all USA-based, our crew went to work to figure out a tangible way to get our girl on location in both Miami and Austin.

The first solution was to host each production in a different state (Texas and Florida). With the key challenge being that Mona could not travel within our production window, our team filmed Mona and the USA location sides simultaneously, using remote communication to connect her with the ever-talented cast.

This also led to a unique parlay between our in-house directors and Bumble creative staff communicating key lighting, camera work, and tones in producing a similar-looking video set in completely different locations.

This led to a multi-faceted and dynamic national production in two different time zones. Leading to a multi-production happening simultaneously in two different timezones.

The Outcome

Since its launch, the campaign has garnered over a million views across the web and has reached Bumble's Youtube Channel's overall top 10 videos.

CXE was comfortable knowing the Bumble team was taken care of from scriptwriting to on-set navigation, to post-production editing, they made sure the series covered important and relevant topics to help Bumble's developing target audience find comfort in their dating endeavors.






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