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We’re not different because of

what we create.


 Crafting Impact  from Thought to Frame

In production, ideas start as whispers. We amplify them into bold declarations. With unmatched expertise, our team crafts stories that aren't just seen but profoundly felt.


Where  Perfection Takes Form 

Post-production is where the magic truly happens, and we're the maestros orchestrating it. Through design, sound, and color, we transform content into masterpieces.


 Thumb Stopping  Content Creation

In the digital flux, we're your compass. Through design, content, and influencer campaigns, we ensure your brand thrives and resonates.


 Blueprinting  Successful Campaigns

Every successful campaign starts with our strategy. With a blend of data-driven insights and creative intuition, we chart out the optimal path for your brand.

A.I. Integration

Fusing Creativity with  Cutting-Edge AI 

Our AI maestros guide brands into this new era. Automate, optimize, and reimagine your processes with us, ensuring that creativity and efficiency go hand in hand.

 We create differently. 

You asked, we delivered.


Today we celebrate one of our founders’ latest achievement in being featured on The Hollywood Reporter for her acceptance into ViacomCBS’s Director’s Program. This is a unique and very exclusive opportunity where she will be venturing into directing television programs, and we are all so proud of this amazing accomplishment!

ViacomCBS Expands Emerging Directors Program to Two Years
  • I've never done this before, what's the cost?
    We get it. It would be so much easier if companies just listed their pricing on their website. Truth be told, our clients are so unique, our pricing is too. Our team crafts and customizes each project specifically for each client, veering away from the traditional one size fits all approach. Our overall objective is to give you a price that makes sense for you, so if you have an ideal budget in mind, don't hesitate to tell us what it is and we will curate a creative solution that fits your needs. If you ever have any questions about how much something might cost, PLEASE get in touch and we’re happy to provide you a free quote.
  • What makes us different?
    ​Let’s be real. We live in a world where it seems like everything has been done, and we’ve seen it all. As creatives ourselves, we realized that the solution didn’t lie within what was being made, but instead in how it was being made and who was making it. As a team of multidisciplinary creators and filmmakers, we founded this company with a simple question in mind: “what if all agencies approached their clients the way filmmakers approach their films?” Story at the core, and quality is guaranteed. We’re not just different because of what we create. We create differently.
  • Why X?
    There is something special about the letter “X.” It is perhaps one of the most diverse letters, expanding into almost every direction imaginable. In mathematics, it is a variable that can convert, change, or be used as an input for solutions. On a map, it “marks the spot,” and is frequently utilized to create symbols and abbreviations. In recent years, technology has used it to label new endeavors (GoogleX, iPhoneX, SpaceX). Truth be told, whether it is something we embrace or fear, “X” is a symbol for the unknown, the undefined--the marker of uncharted territory. The letter X is very special to our team; we perceive it as diverse, boundless, and versatile, much like our creative ability. Whether it’s a story, a campaign, or an edit, our mission at Creative X is to use a personalized creative strategy on each project to bring your vision to life, to define "X."
  • What is the StartupX initiative?
    CXE focuses on assisting startup companies that are geared towards making the world a better place. Whether it’s website building, creating a pitch deck to gain extra funding, or that much needed creative campaign, this initiative is designed for these world changers by offering our creative solutions to propel their business to new heights.
  • What industries do you work with?
    CXE works with companies in a variety of industries. We are very adaptable and able to learn about new industries very quickly when forming new partnerships. Currently, we work with solar energy, clothing/fashion, dating applications, vehicle tech, film distributors, and more! We love to learn and tell stories to impact any audience we have the luxury to entertain.

We have worked with noteworthy
companies for  over a decade. 

Quit Searching.  Start Creating. 

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