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Episode 1

Watch as journalist Mona Chalabi chats with three bi and pan people to address when and how to discuss your sexuality with a new partner.

Dating as a Bisexual or a Pansexual
Episode 3

Mona Chalabi chats with three divorcees about their journey through dating after divorce. See how they regained their confidence, how they disclose their divorce to new partners, and how they’re able to stay kind to themselves through the process.

The Joys of Dating After Divorce


Full Dating Disclosure with Mona Chalabi covers the tricky topics that can be tough to navigate while dating. She explores when and how to have difficult conversations, and what it means to find honesty and empathy in modern love.

Full Dating Disclosure - Youtube Series

Episode 2

Watch as journalist Mona Chalabi learns about three people’s dating journeys through sobriety. They share how they've adjusted to dates without alcohol, when to disclose sobriety to a new partner, and most importantly, how to ensure their partners are supportive and understanding.

The Joys of Dating Sober
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