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Case Study: Hollister - Social Tourist

Updated: Jul 12, 2022

A Case Study for Creative X Entertainment's co-production with FlightHouse and IF7 for Hollister; Social Tourist [Ft. Charlie and Dixie D'Amelio]


The Mission

Social Tourist, the new trend-forward apparel brand from global teen retail magnate, Hollister Co., and social media stars, Dixie and Charli D’Amelio, launched in May 2021. Along with incredible hype and PR buzz, as one would expect from the affiliates, the news of the launch was everywhere from Forbes, E News, to People Magazine.

Having just launched a brand with the most followed creators on TikTok, and with Hollister’s second product launch on the imminent horizon – a new challenge emerged for the marketing team: “How do we top this?” Well, that's where our creatives came in to help.

From the first call with our Hollister and production partners, FlightHouse Media and IF7, our direction for Social Tourist's goal was communicated effectively and quickly! Direction by Sevag Chahinian and the FlightHouse team including Kayla Nierei & Ash Stahl, it was only natural that things matured smoothly with attention to detail.

The production team and Hollister decided the best reveal to the collection, one that would provide the biggest BOOM for engagement and brand loyalty, would be a LIVE Tik-Tok fashion show that incorporated engaging activities geared towards a Gen-Z audience.

The idea was a clear winner and the pre-production began.

The Approach

It was decided early on that this wouldn’t be your traditional fashion show. Instead of models on a catwalk, Dixie and Charli enlisted their TikTok family and friends, Avani Gregg, Madi Monroe, Markell Washington, Curtis Newbill, Caroline Ricke, and Phoebe Hines to debut Social Tourist’s latest collection.

The important part of the plan was for the fashion show to include exclusive commentary from the D’Amelio sisters regarding their inspiration for the clothing drop and the new brand, fun challenges with the biggest creators on the app, and of course – their favorite TikTok dances!

Considering the ephemeral aspect of the app, we decided to try to maximize engagement by enlisting all viewers of the campaign (who were able and willing) to create organic and self-recorded videos with a Social Tourist TikTok filter.

The new collection was effortlessly showcased throughout the recording of the show. Every single outfit arrangement inspired viewers to shop the looks in real-time via a custom link to the Social Tourist website (point of sale).

The Outcome

The Social Tourist Livestream campaign exceeded original projections for both the brand and TikTok app numbers themselves.

Due to the inclusion of top-tier talent, a full suite of cross-platform awareness, and a successful production, the entire team was able to bring this show to life.

Some of the clips, comments, and share stats from our Social Tourist campaign with Hollister Co.

  • The full campaign drove 357M+ total views/impressions – well above benchmarks, with the Livestream premiere earning the accomplishment of Charli D’Amelio’s (the top followed creator on TikTok) most-watched live ever on her account, as well as being the first-ever TikTok Fashion Show made by Gen Z for Gen Z

  • The campaign made a splash with the press, with key press tuning in to the fashion show virtually, an exclusive feature in Cosmopolitan, and pickup across consumer and corp publications for a total of 2.2M AVE

  • We saw significant increases in both brand awareness and purchase intent via brand lift studies, along with a 5% lift in Social Tourist TikTok followers

  • We also saw amazing sentiment from fans, some of our favorite comments are below (via Insta):

    • The clothes are just… so so incredible!!👏❤️

    • This is wasss justtt soo much fun to watch!! I can’t wait till social tourist vol.3 comes out!! ❤️❤️❤️

    • This is sooooo good well done guyssss 🔥🔥🔥

"Creative X Entertainment were excellent with brand communication and follow through. Creative organizational geniuses to boot!" - Kayla Bierei [Flight House]

Watch some of the short-form content HERE

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