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New project: Bumble - Dating after divorce

Having been released just one week ago, the episode garnered over 1 million views!


Around 33-43% of American marriages end in divorce. With numbers that high, why is there still so much stigma attached to being divorced? How do you navigate these stigmas and dating in general after such a big life event? Most importantly, how do you make sure your divorce doesn’t become your entire story?

Watch as journalist Mona Chalabi chats with three divorcees about their journey through dating after divorce. See how they regained their confidence, how they disclose their divorce to new partners, and how they’re able to stay kind to themselves through all of it.

Full Dating Disclosure with Mona Chalabi covers the tricky topics that can be hard to navigate in dating. She explores when and how to have difficult conversations, and what it means to find honesty and empathy in modern love.


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