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Animatics Issue #1

To keep the audience engaged a month after launch, CXE created an animation out of the first few pages of the in-progress comic book that will be released soon. This resulted in both attention for the comic book as well as continued interest for the show's upcoming kickstarter.

Cartoon Animation
Red Head Intervention

To showcase the ability of how product placement can be used in Alpha Betas, we created a fake game trailer for one of the games the lead cast plays in during the show.

Fake Game Trailer
Season 1 Campaign

Leading the charge with the internal team at 3BD, CXE created over 20 assets to help celebrate the release of the long-awaited second season. This campaign had millions of views and positive sentiment across the board!

Entertainment Marketing

Alpha Betas

Alpha Betas is a collaboration between some of YouTube’s popular creators in the gaming world: VanossGaming, BasicallyIDoWrk, I AM WILDCAT and Terroriser. With more than 40 million collective subscribers across their channels, they teamed up with 3BLACKDOT, STARBURNS INDUSTRIES, and show runners Chris Bruno & David Lee to create a video game-based animated show.

A 3BlackDot Production

Energy Division PSA

Before the first episode ever aired, we created a stock footage-heavy, cheesy, corny, video to excite the Youtube audience about a show that "may" come out. This successfully increased the hype for the highly anticipated show to follow.

Pre-Release Content
Voice Over - Featurette

Vanoss, Terroriser, BasicallyIDoWrk, Sark, Courage, Chris Parnell and John DiMaggio joined 3BLACKDOT, Octopie and showrunners Chris Bruno & David Lee in Los Angeles to record their voice lines for the upcoming episodes.

A Behind The Scenes Teaser
Fundraising Campaign

While Episode 1 was a hit, 3BD wanted to create more and do it independently without studio control. So, they launched a kickstarter campaign. CXE made the video, which turned into a very successful campaign, raising over one million dollars in the process.

3BD raised over 1.25M Dollars
Teaser Trailer

CXE Created a series of short teaser trailers that were used to spread awareness through all accessible social channels.

Launch Campaign
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