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Razer Rapunzel

An April Fools, parody-style ad to introduce the latest "Chroma" product. A hair dye that connects to your computer and allows you to adjust the color to whatever you want!

Over 700K Views Worldwide
Goliathus Chroma

A product release for Razer's latest mouse mat. Filled with VFX, messy stunts, and a lot of beautiful slow-motion shots.

Over 250K Views Worldwide


Over the last 8+ years, Razer has been a client for many different projects for CXE's team, including April Fools videos, product release videos, and most recently, a video series.

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Venom V2

An April Fools, parody-style video Razer made to introduce a performance-enhancing drink for gamers.

Over 7M Views Worldwide
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