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Paulie Go!

A young AI prodigy gets rejected from a world-renowned robotics lab and does what any rational teenager would do - steal a van and drive across the country to Northern Minnesota to track down the Professor who rejected him.

The Drummer

Set in 2008, THE DRUMMER revolves around active and former members of the U. S. military. With the US engaged in a seemingly perpetual war, the devastating traumas that soldiers suffer abroad continue to be felt at home.


The story of the young leader of an infamous graffiti crew in Miami who experiences love, loss, and the consequences of his actions, as he comes of age, struggling to justify his obsession with illegal street graffiti.

Drama  |  Thriller


We've partnered with film distributor, 1091 Pictures, to create premium trailers for their upcoming films. Check out some of the examples in the link below, spanning across numerous genres.

Entertainment Marketing

1 Night in San Diego

Jenna Ushkowtiz, Laura Ashley Samuels, Alexandra Daddario, and other stars are featured in this comedy based in San Diego. See how a couple of friends on a quick road trip have a crazy night on the town.

An Unknown Compelling Force

In 1959, nine Russian hikers died under mysterious circumstances in an event known as the Dyatlov Pass Incident. After sixty years of conspiracy theories, the case remains unsolved. This documentary sets out to finally uncover the truth.

Documentary  |  Mystery
The Cleaner

When a middle-aged house cleaner, Buck Enderly, takes on an eccentric new client, he gets roped into locating her estranged son. Buck tracks down the disturbed young man, but in another twist of fate, becomes an accomplice of a violent crime.

Drama  |  Thriller
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